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Klbébé—Little Tikes


Jinjiang Baby Products Co., Ltd. was established by Jinjiang Baby Industry Wenchuang Park in January 2017. It is a company of Jiali Group. By the end of 2016, American small Tek authorized "Carrie baby Klb E B" to be the mother and baby general agent in the Chinese market. Carrie Baby, in conjunction with MGA in the United States, launched the Little Tikes maternal and infant product line in China, including children's dining chairs, baby straps, mother's bags, toilets, feeding supplies, textile products and children's bath related products.

Founded in 1970 in Orola, Ohio, USA, Little tikes has a 48-year history. Its products sell well in more than 100 countries. It is the third largest manufacturer of toys for preschool children in the United States and the world's largest roller plastics amusement facilities. We are committed to designing children's toys, children's furniture and baby products. It originated from the American viewpoint of early education: Imagination in Motion, which was translated into the theory of "imagination" by Little Teck in China. Little Tek toys are developed on the basis of early American teaching which enables children to move and think. After MGA held Teck Junior in 2006, it integrated the unique social culture of American education into it, allowing Teck Junior to create an attractive imaginative space for countless children, using each creative design to develop children's imagination, creativity and logical thinking from cognitive and action aspects.



Little Teck has been popular with families all over the market and has won recognition from toy experts in creative, durable and quality products in several international awards. In 2012, it officially entered the Chinese market and introduced the idea of American early teaching to China. Advocating children to put aside their electronic products, in nature has a beautiful childhood brand concept, is loved by many Chinese families. In 2013, it was listed by Alibaba group as one of the most important toy partners. All kinds of maternal and infant products are based on the convenience of mothers to take care of children. Each creative design is intended or not to cultivate children's sense of autonomy, the endless imagination of toy designers, into the brand's unique advanced rolling technology, so that each product more durable. In the United States, almost every family has more than two small Teke products, it is accompanied by generations of children to grow up, and has a dream of a happy childhood, in a sense, has a small Teke, is also a kind of love heritage. Carrie's baby Klb B re is developing in the Chinese market with American Little Teke, hoping that this love can be passed on to China, bringing the essence of American-style early childhood education to every family in China.